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Autotransplantation: Salvaging an odontoma-associated unerupted anterior tooth

Autogenous tooth transplantation is a viable option in cases involving impacted teeth, congenitally missing teeth, tooth loss and ectopic teeth. The method is considered superior to a removable prosthesis, as it maintains proprioception and alveolar bone height. Compared with dental implants, autotransplantation can provide faster healing, function and esthetic improvement at minimal cost. The first case involved a patient referred for an unerupted maxillary left central incisor associated with odontomas. The odontomas were surgically removed and the impacted maxillary left central incisor placed into occlusion and held in situ using a composite splint. Root canal therapy was carried out in a single visit at her subsequent appointment. The composite splint was retained for 6 weeks. Autotransplantation has advantages and disadvantages in the case of tooth impaction. The treatment must be considered individually, and the patient must be fully informed of the procedure involved. Keywords Tooth autotransplantation; impacted tooth; odontoma.

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