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Implant uncoverage. Tips and techniques to build a stable soft tissue around Medentika Implants

In this webinar we will focus on soft tissue management at implant uncoverage using microsurgical principles, we will discuss ways to augment and thicken periimplant mucosa with the aim to maintain dental implants on a long term basis.

In modern implantology there is increased focus on soft tissue management around dental implants.  It is not only hugely important from the esthetical point of view, and patient satisfaction but also for periimplant bone stability and biofilm management.  In this webinar I will discuss my way of thinking when it comes to securing a good outcome for our patients by the use of microsurgical approache, primary soft tissue healing, wound stability, stable blood flow in flap design, and how to manage the soft tissue at implant uncoverage.

Learning objectives:

To understand the importance of soft tissue management for long term stability of dental implants.

The importance of primary healing.

How we augment soft tissue at implant uncoverage.

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