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Henry Schein – EndoSequence Root Repair Material (RRM)

EndoSequence Root Repair Material (RRM) is available in two specifically formulated consistencies and contains many of the same characteristics as BC Sealer.

Like BC Sealer, the setting reaction of RRM is driven by the moisture naturally present within the dentinal tubules so there is no mixing required. The favorable handling properties, increased strength and shortened set time make BC-RRM highly resistant to washout and ideal for all root repair and pulp capping procedures. BC-RRM is antibacterial (12+ pH) and is biocompatible and osteogenic. Unlike MTA and other conventional root repair materials containing metals, BC Sealer and BC-RRM are metal-free and do not stain. The putty consistency is ideal for retrofills, one step apexifications, external resorptions and pulp capping. The syringable version is recommended for retrofills, perfs, internal resorptions and pulp capping. Many specialists employ a retrofill technique which involves syringing the flowable RRM into the apico prep and following it up with pre-formed cones of the RRM Putty. The consistency of RRM Putty is similar to that of Cavit and it is extremely resistant to washout, making it ideal in difficult fields. The versatility of these premixed materials allow the practitioner to select the consistency that is ideal for the clinical application.

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