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Impressions from IDS 2021: Thursday

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November 14, 2014

6th Dental Facial Cosmetic Int’l Conference 2014

Dental – Facial Cosmetic International Conference 2015 in Dubai closed with a total of 1527 participant, reflecting an increase of 12.4% compared with 2013. The event built on the success of last year…


January 24, 2015

Cases by SameDay Smile Dental Implants

Cases by SameDay Smile Dental Implants

February 26, 2013

Chicago Dental Society

Photos by Fred Michmershuizen and Sierra Rendon, Dental Tribune America.


May 27, 2015


May 12, 2017

El efecto antibacteriano del láser

El tratamiento endodóntico puede alcanzar tasas de éxito de entre el 85 y el 97%1. Pero, como explica la autora, para lograr dichas tasas es esencial seguir protocolos de tratamiento específicos, tene…

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