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The 100k foot VALO™ curing light drop test: behind the scenes

January 7, 2020 | Business | News

The True Story of One VALO Curing Light's Journey to Space

Transforming treatment for the better with digital dentistry

January 5, 2020 | Business | News

Capabilities in dentistry have evolved at an astonishing rate over the past several years, and the transformations are by no means slowing down.

Dental study of ancient chewing gum informs about oral microbiomes of the past

January 4, 2020 | News

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Though its popularity and constituent ingredients have changed over time, chewing gum has been used by humans for thousands of years. A new study out of Denmark that analysed a 5,700-year-old piece of chewing gum made from birch bark pitch has succeeded in extracting a complete human genome from the pitch, demonstrating its potential as a new source of ancient DNA.

Clinical education is key to us – providing dental professionals with essential knowledge

January 2, 2020 | Interviews | News

DUBAI, UAE: Dental Tribune MEA had the pleasure to interview Don Casey, CEO of Dentsply Sirona and Walter Petersohn, CCO of Dentsply Sirona during their visit to Dubai recently.

DTI looks back on a successful 2019

January 1, 2020 | News

LEIPZIG, Germany: There is seldom a quiet news day in the dental industry and it has been a pleasure for the DTI team to bring you, throughout 2019, the stories that mattered as well as a suite of continuing education (CE) opportunities and events. As 2020 approaches, we look back on some of the milestones that DTI reached as a publisher and industry partner during the last twelve months, and we also look ahead excitedly at what promises to be another engaging and prosperous year in dentistry.

Innovation, digital solutions and versatility—the Astra Tech Implant System evolution continues…

December 26, 2019 | Advertorial | News

Dentsply Sirona Implants continues to deliver innovation, digital solutions and versatility in implant dentistry. With the latest product developments, the Astra Tech Implant System continues to evolve, based on customer needs and the latest digital technology.

Dentsply Sirona World 2019 – Las Vegas (Part 2)

December 25, 2019 | Interviews | News

Interview with Julie Mroziak, Vice President of Dentsply Sirona

New Propex IQ® apex locator from Dentsply Sirona: Cutting-edge technology for root canal treatments

December 24, 2019 | Advertorial | Business | News

With Propex IQ®, Dentsply Sirona is now launching the first apex locator on the market that can be combined with a smart handpiece – the X-Smart IQ® – and that can be fully integrated into an iPad platform – the Endo IQ® application. The apex locator offers clinicians the latest technology for root canal treatment to the highest standard. 

Dentsply Sirona launches the TruNatomy™ solution, redefining root canal treatment

December 23, 2019 | Advertorial | News

Combining Swiss precision and advanced engineering, the TruNatomy™ range offers clinicians a solution that provides efficient performance and increased respect of the tooth anatomy, combined with a smooth user-experience.

“I look back with pride and gratitude”

December 22, 2019 | Interviews | News

A retrospective of Ivoclar Vivadent’s successful history. An Interview with Robert Ganley, Ivoclar Vivadent’s CEO 2003 – 2019.

200 days, 100 countries: Primescan users experience digital impressions in a completely new way

December 21, 2019 | Advertorial | News

It is standard practice to review feedback after a product has first been launched: Primescan, Dentsply Sirona’s new intraoral scanner, was introduced about 200 days ago. It provides dentists in more than 100 countries with a completely new experience of taking digital impressions. The feedback after the first months in practice shows that Primescan was able to meet and even exceed the high expectations of demanding users.

Dentsply Sirona presents the new generation 5 of CAD/CAM software with OraCheck

December 20, 2019 | Advertorial | News

The possibilities offered by Primescan, Omnicam and CEREC are noticeably increasing with the new generation 5 software updates: Dentsply Sirona announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire OraCheck. The new OraCheck 5.0 will enable Dentsply Sirona to offer patient monitoring before, during and after treatment. Additionally, the updated Connect Software 5.1 now offers more digitally feasible treatment options, especially for orthodontics and implant dentistry. CEREC SW 5.1 brings the performance upgrade of CEREC generation 5 also to existing CEREC Omnicam units. All software updates will be available in October.

“… the beginning of leading network of dental clinics in the UAE…”

December 19, 2019 | Interviews | News

Interview with Mr Álvaro Martínez-Arroyo López, Asisa Internacional Salud General Manager and Director of True Smile Works Dental Network LLC

Dentsply Sirona World 2019 – Las Vegas (Part 1)

December 18, 2019 | Interviews | News

Interview with Don Casey, CEO of Dentsply Sirona

Visit Dubai for CAPP Dental Conf Expo 2020 – 12-14 November 2020

December 9, 2019 | Education | Events | News

DUBAI, UAE: Over 40 speakers, 30 hands-on courses, 21 CME credits, 13 scientific programmes, 3 days and over 100 companies to feature at the CAPP Dental ConfExpo 2020 on 12-14 November 2020 at Madinat Jumeirah Arena & Conference Centre in Dubai, UAE.

From the Maldives to Malawi and Nigeria – Dentsply Sirona’s worldwide mission for dental care

December 4, 2019 | News

By supplying innovative equipment, Dentsply Sirona International Special Clinic Solutions (ISCS) empowers dental professional to provide better dental care all over the world – even in remote and underserved regions.

Flow variations

November 29, 2019 | Business

The flow variant of the universal composite BRILLIANT EverGlow makes filling extremely simple

Treatment centers and dental chairs – just a part, or the heart, of the practice?

November 27, 2019 | Business

Today’s technological and design innovations have seen the humble dental chair evolve into state-of-the-art treatment centers, putting ergonomics and patient comfort at the forefront. Eybi Becerra, Brand Marketing Manager at Dentsply Sirona, explains more.

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