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Managing pain is a vital part of a dentist’s work

By Septodont
December 12, 2018

SAINT-MAUR-DES-FOSSÉS, France: As a leading provider of quality dental products worldwide, Septodont is committed to sharing its expertise in pain management with dental professionals around the world.

Septodont is now going beyond simply delivering safe and effective dental products. The company is rolling out an innovative programme called “Managing pain for your practice”, which will help dentists manage their patients’ pain in their day-to-day practice. Pain management is a key success factor in a dental practice, as it strongly contributes towards the improvement of a patient’s overall experience and satisfaction level. To support the rollout of the programme, Septodont is hosting educational initiatives during congresses and other events.

Good pain management is not only appreciated by patients and highly beneficial for dentists, it could also affect the revenue of a dental practice. A patient’s fear of pain can lead to a patient avoiding or delaying treatment, rescheduling appointments or simply not showing up. Furthermore, the practice’s reputation could also be at stake, because patients tend to judge dentists on the pain they experience during a procedure.

However, it is not easy to fully understand the nature of pain and treat it effectively, as there are a number of physical, emotional and psychological factors involved that determine how an individual experiences pain. Even the dental practice environment has an influence on the pain that is experienced. While nothing can replace the dentist’s expertise, calming strategies and top-quality products are fundamental to effective pain management in a dental practice.

More information about Septodont’s pain management programme can be found at

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