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Partially Dentate Patients

Rates of natural tooth retention are increasing globally: rather than losing all their teeth as they age, patients are increasingly greeting old age with at least a few of their natural teeth still intact.

This has led to a significant increase in the number of partially dentate patients. Even partial tooth loss can affect every aspect of life, from limiting the foods we can enjoy to undermining our self-confidence and affecting our relationships with others. This relatively new patient group requires a tailored, comprehensive approach to treatment and care. Caring for a partially dentate patient is a long-term process that includes three main pillars: a pre-treatment/assessment phase, a treatment phase, and a post-treatment/long-term care phase. During this first webinar of a two-webinar series, our three experts will present the literature and scientific evidence behind the pre-treatment, treatment and maintenance care options specific to partially dentate patients.  

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