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إن الأعداد الإلكترونية هي نسخات رقمية عن أعداد مجلة DTI المطبوعة. يستطيع القراء أن يتصفحوا الأعداد الإلكترونية وأن يحمّلوا الصفحات ويطبعوها لقراءتها من دون الحاجة إلى الاتصال بالانترنت. ومن أجل نشر المعرفة إلى عدد أكبر من القراء حول العالم، يمكن قراءة معظم الأعداد الإلكترونية مجانًا.

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World Dental Daily Sydney Sept. 24–27, 2023

FDI World Dental Congress makes remarkable return / Stronger together: KaVo and Planmeca join forces for new dental imaging workflows / “The WDC is the ultimate manifestation of key professional ideals” An interview with Dr Stephen Liew, president of the Australian Dental Association / “There is so much opportunity to improve the quality of life of patients with head and neck tumours” An interview with Prof. Jonathan Clark, head and neck cancer expert / Prof. Purnima Kumar shares insights into her upcoming presentations at the World Dental Congress & An interview with Dr Shiamaa Shihab Ahmed al-Mashhadani on partially dentate patients / “Historically, oral health has been separated from the rest of health” An interview with Prof. Chris Vernazza on integrating oral healthcare into universal health coverage / “Maintaining good dental and oral health is crucial for lifelong quality of life” Dr Kakuhiro Fukai discusses the oral health challenges of an ageing population / Dental Check-up podcast / FDI World Dental Congress public health sessions / News / Industry / Floor plan & exhibitors / What’s on in Sydney /