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Long-term performance of Straumann SLActive implants in compromised health conditions

February 28, 2021

Habitual cigarette-smoking represents a risk factor for the development of peri-implant soft tissue inflammation that may lead to loss of supporting alveolar bone around the implants and implant and, consequently, implant loss . Therefore, dentists should advise the patients to stop smoking before undergoing any dental implant treatment.

CBCT bone-densitometry for pre-surgical decision-making

January 18, 2021

The high prevalence of tooth-related diseases, a growing geriatric population and a rapidly growing awareness to replace lost teeth by dental implants force dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons to cope with promises made by implant manufacturers such as “new teeth in one hour”. While implant manufacturers try to maximise their sales numbers by such marketing strategies, it will always be the practitioner’s full responsibility to treat patients with strictly evidence-based treatment protocols, especially when it comes to the immediate functional loading of dental implants.

Highly esthetic results with CEREC® Primemill

May 26, 2020

CEREC Primemill, Dentsply Sirona’s new milling machine, has taken chairside dental restorations to the next level. Thanks to its state-of-the- art technology, a wide range of restorations can now be manufactured faster, using a large variety of materials with results that are very precise and particularly easy to achieve. Josef Kunkela, DMD, PhD, an innovative and renowned dentist and founder of the Kunkela Academy in the Czech Republic, has offered chairside restorations in his practice for the past 13 years.

Platelets Rich Fibrin (Prf)–horizontal reconstruction of atrophic alveolar ridges, myth or reality?

February 16, 2020

Bone resorption following tooth loss is considered an obstacle for dental implant placement in desired positions, requiring bone augmentation procedures. Many techniques have been described to reconstruct horizontal alveolar ridge defects.

An intelligent treatment concept for the implant-supported individual tooth crown

November 17, 2019

For good healing success and predictable gingiva management during implantation, the soft tissue needs as much rest as possible. Gingiva formers, which also act as a scan body, provide the opportunity to perform a scan without disturbing the healing process.

Implant maintenance care solution

October 20, 2019

Proper monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure the durability and health of a dental implant.

Predictable implant impressions

December 9, 2018

Using 3M™ Impregum™ Soft Quick Step Polyether impression material. Open Tray/Pick-up Technique

Substitution of two destructive caries with ceramic CAD/CAM crowns in one visit

August 10, 2018

Recently, several new ceramic materials were launched in the market due to the growing demand for safety and aesthetically pleasing prosthetic solutions. CAD/CAM chairside technology has been developed with the aim of manufacturing prosthetic structures with characteristics of constant quality. CAD/CAM technology not only offers the possibility of directly designing a restoration on a computer and automatically obtaining the final product, but also offers many advantages compared to the conventional techniques in terms of speed, precision and ease of use. The following case shows how MyCrown CAD/CAM chairside can change traditional dentistry by opening new ways of solving for both aesthetic and health issues.


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